Thursday, June 2, 2011

Browser Common Shortcuts - Chrome, Mozilla

Most of the browsers have a set of same shortcut keys to make the use of it easy. All of us will be using more than using one browser like Mozilla and Chrome. They too have same set of shortcuts. Those shortcuts are listed below.

All the arrow keys are used commonly by all browsers to navigate through the pages.

F5 is the common refresh action shortcut. Mozilla, Chrome and even windows have this key for refreshing.

To toggle the page between Full screen and window mode F11 key is used.

ESC key is used to stop loading the current page.

Generally Back Space is used to move back to the previous page. This can also be accomplished by the Alt + Left arrow key combination. Likewise the Forward operation can be done by Alt + Right arrow key combinations.

Zoom a page is very easy in the browser which uses the key combination Ctrl++ to zoom in a page. As the same as above one Ctrl+- is used to zoom out a page. These very same tasks are also shared by Ctrl+Mouse scroll up to zoom in and Ctrl+Mouse scroll down to zoom out.

The most impressive feature of the recent browsers is Tab. We can open a several tabs in a single window. But when we open a lot number the ram gets dumped. The shortcut key to travel between tabs is Ctrl + Page up which takes us to the next tab and Ctrl+Page down which takes us to the previous tab.

To view a specific tab in a window use the key combination Ctrl+numbers 1 to 9, which will take us to the Nth number of tab which we entered. Number greater than 10 won’t work.

When we wanted to open the download window to see our previous or current downloads just press the key combination Ctrl+J.

Clearing the browsing history, frees up disk space in the hard disk. It also clear the auto suggestions and save auto form fill thus anyone else who uses our computer can’t be able to login into our account or use our card details (often happens in my room). This is done by cleaning software like CCleaner. But our browser provides the above feature by default. The shortcut for clearing the history is Ctrl+Shift+Delete.

 We can also be hidden for the history to track us and save our preferences. This can be done by using Private Browsing. In Mozilla the Private Browsing can be easily opened by using the key combination Ctrl+Shift+P. But in Google Chrome this Private Browsing is termed as INCOGNITO which means without being know. The key combination Ctrl+Shift+N opens up the New Incognito Window.

UPDATE: It usually occurs that we accidently  happen to close some tab that we need. To recover those tab just press the key combination Ctrl+Shift+T. Most of the browser use this key combinations and record around 10 recently closed tabs.