Saturday, February 1, 2014

See, What Google know about you?

Google, initially a search engine now the Internet Giant. Recently they acquired NEST the company which makes home electronics like thermostat and smoke alarms. This acquisition set off many people to share their views on what Google is up to. Most of them memes. But few post were really intriguing so the search began. 

Google is well known as the reliable, fast search engine which gives you what you need. But it also stores tones of data and parse every mail of yours to provide you the ads. You might notice when the ads are mostly relevant to your needs. Its cause it stores and tracks your INTERNET activity in all forms. Search, Mail, G+, Youtube and lot and provides you the ads.

If you are logged in your Google account click this link and See, What Google know about you.

Click on the Visit Ads Settings to know what google knows about you.

You might me surprised, how precise Google's guesses are about you.
Is there a way to escape this?

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