Saturday, July 13, 2013

3 Best Non Tracking Search Engine - Google Alternatives.

This is a high time for It has recorded nearly 2 times searches in the past month than the pervious month. Credits to Snowden, whistle-blower of NSA's nasty secret survilance. Online privacy is being questioned and commented at large. Though most people are careless and takes no initiatives to fend themselves from being watched. It must change.

The highly used search engine around the globe is Google. Its evident form the tailored ads its one of the highy tracked search engine. Whatever we search gets stored in their servers. This is not stalking. They are trying to know us better to provide us the best. Though we sometimes want to be off the radar yet no use. So its not good to use Google all the time.

There are few search engines which do the same job searching your queries without storing them or selling them to other companies. Such most notable non tracking search engines are listed below.


These are the few good search engines that have strict non tracking policy. They don't store any of our IP addresses, they don't log our search queries or clicks, they don't install any cookies on our computers.


  1. Thanks Siva. An alternate to Google is the need of the hour. A valuable help of yours to all concerned.

  2. Been using DuckDuckGo for over a year now and REALLY like the results (lack of clutter)!

  3. I must say that I do love duckduckgo. the only problem is that often youll get insanely outdated results. for example ill search for some information related to computers and a bunch of articles from 2009 will show up that are full of information that are utterly useless for what youre doing and you have to siphon through a lot of riff raff before landing where you really need to be. other than that its my favorite search engine by far.