Sunday, December 12, 2010

Top 5 Process Gadget for Windows 7

Hi friends, the another interesting gadget for Windows 7 is here - Top 5 Processes. While surfing through the internet for some interesting gadgets this one marked ma attention. This is gadget is the home screen version of Resource and Performance Monitor.
The Process are shown in the descending order of the CPU usage in a small button box. If we double click on this gadget we can easily navigate to the Task Manager. It help you to monitor the CPU process and its speed. The refresh interval of this gadget can be manually entered in order to your needs. It also filters the process in the basics of memory usage. Thus once can easily tune the system memory preferences. The colors of this gadget can be changed according to the themes. Its easy to use and free to download.

The download link is given below.
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Top 5 Process gadget

Download, Install and Enjoy..
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