Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Additional Fonts for the Flip Fonts

Hi friends, i this post i am gonna share you the download link of the file which contains additional fonts for the Flipfonts mobile application. The default application only have 3 fonts with it so using this file we can extend that three fonts to 37 different fonts and make our mobile so interesting and appealing.
I have tried this in my NOKIA 5233 and it works perfectly. Hope you too will try and comment positively. To install the additional fonts you have to first install the Filpfont software in the mobile. It you dont have that application in you mobile dont worry this download contains both the application and additional fonts.

First download the files from the following link
Flipfont + 37 signed Premium Fonts

After downloading the above file please follow the steps listed below.

  • Rename the .sis to .rar
  • Extract the file into a folder in your PC.
  • In the extracted folder there will be one sisx application and another .rar file
  • The .sisx application is the flipfont application so install it in your mobile
  • Extract that .rar file with the 37fonts(extract me) to a folder named flipfont.
  • Then copy the extracted flipfont folder to C:\DATA\ into your mobile
  • Avoid extracting in mobile because it may cause repeated reboots.

Now its done. When you launch Flipfont application it show the 37 additional fonts and we can select anything from that we need. Download, Install and Enjoy. If you have any troubles regarding this please comment below.