Thursday, May 26, 2011

Open pages in Text Only Mode - Chrome Extension

Have you ever come around web pages containing more ads than the content? Certainly most of the people have encountered this situation as like me.  Excess of ads decreases the attractiveness of the page and the contents looses it value.
But its never been a problem for reader like you and me. We never wanted to see the ads but focus only on the content. How good it will be if we have a extension which gives us only the content of a page without any ads. Text Only, Please! extension serves us for this need. It is a Google Chrome extension developed by Shankar Ganesh.

Once you install this extension a dedicated icon is seen on the toolbar. When you want to show a page in Text Only mode just open up the page and click the Text Only, Please! Icon.  This will render you the current webpage into ads and clutter less page. Or just press the key combination of Alt + T to load the current page in Text Only mode.

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