Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How To Download Streaming Videos Form Sites Like Facebook, Youtube, Metacafe.

Downloading videos form sites like Facebook, Youtube is becoming a frequent action, but with a good knowledge of tools and software it is so easy. Here are few reliable methods which are proven to be easy and free of cost.
 This is a site containing a tool which provides the ability to download videos form streaming video sites like Youtube, Google Videos, Metacafe  and more like that.  We can download the videos in FLV, AVI, MOV, MPG or WMV formats.

To download the video, copy the url of the page contaning the video and paste it in the URL TEXTBOX box and click the download button. The download will be started. The site also shows the list of supported sites in its right side pane 

This is a small extension coded for the firefox browser which can be installed within seconds. But it provides a great help in downloading all kind of videos in most of the sites.  

Click this link and then again click the +Add to Firefox button. This will install the addon in your browser within seconds. Restart the browser and the Download Helper Icon will be seen at the left of the address bar.

When a page with a video is opened say a video in youtube the icon will get its own color and start to rotate. Click the arrown beside the icon, a dropdown list will be poped with some junk.flv.
 When the mouse is positioned over that name a side menu appears with the needed option. By default the videos will be stored in the dwhelper folder which is automatically created in the Documents and settings\Admin folder.

Its a software which is actually a freeware of 9.9 MB containing a great tool to download and convert the videos form video sites. It supports downloading form nearly 50 sites. Videos from facebook can also be easily downloaded using this software.

But this need the .NET framework to run, though it’s not a problem because it automatically installs it and works smooth. After the installation its automatically added on into Chrome and Firefox browsers which makes the work too easy. 

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