Friday, May 25, 2012

Access Blocked Sites.

Wondering how to access the sites that have been blocked as per the DOT rules?? There are numerous ways. I am giving you the two best and ever working methods.

Get the sites’ IP address from Copy that IP address and paste it in your address bar. The site is no more blocked.


1) After you open ,search for the text box which is as below:

2) Type the URL of the site for which you want to find the IP. Then click the "IP Whois" button. In the next page scroll down till you find its IP address.

3) Copy that IP address and paste it in the address bar. The restricted site is now accessible. Note that every time you wish to open a blocked site, you will have to find its IP address. Its advisable to keep a collection of "IP addresses" of the sites you frequently visit,which are blocked, in a Notepad to facilitate easy access.

There is one more easy one-step way to access the blocked sites. For this method the sites must have https enabled. Torrentz provides https connection. So we can open torrents by giving the url as instead of

You can follow this method to open any blocked sites provided that site have https enabled. If they don't use the IP address as in the first method.

UPDATE: The first method of accessing the site by IP address in not working any more with Youtele connections. But the second method is working fine. 

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